The eSSentiel par Sacrée Soirée expertise

With this new initiative, our team’s mission is to meet the organizations’ workforce needs (kitchen and service professionals) in the health sector and retirement homes, by providing qualified personnel sensitive to the reality of work in living environments.


We hold an agency license from the CNESST and we make sure to comply with all applicable regulations to protect your interests and those of our employees.


We rely on close and transparent collaboration with our customers. We are true partners committed to providing you with top quality services while making your life easier.


We understand that the reality of every organization is different. We are here to support you and offer you unique solutions that truly meet your needs.


Our employees have the human skills and aptitudes required for work in a living environment. Trained by our team, our employees know the demands of the current work reality in the health sector and retirement homes.



We rely on staff stability in the workplace and our workers are trained to work with the utmost respect for hygiene and sanitation standards. This approach allows us to minimize the risk to your staff and residents.


Ready to join our brigade?