Become a candidate

By joining our brigade, and by collaborating with the eSSentiel team, you will be able to work in a living environment, use all of your human qualities and contribute to the well-being of many residents.

perks of working with eSSentiel

Our team offers personalized support to prepare you for the realities associated with working in retirement homes or the health sector. As with other Sacrée Soirée opportunities, you will benefit from flexibility in your choice of mandates and work schedules, but you will also enjoy more stability.

The eSSentiel service offers the following benefits:

Feel useful, appreciated and essential
Bring comfort and joy to residents
Positively impact people’s lives
Make the most of your interpersonal skills
Take advantage of more stable working hours
Have the option to select day shifts

How does it work?

In addition to our usual selection criteria, for the eSSentiel service, our team must ensure that workers are legally able to work with vulnerable clients.


We are looking for candidates who are great listeners, who have a good sense of observation, empathy and self-control (replace self-control with patience?). These are the qualities that will allow service and kitchen professionals achieve success in the various living environments with which we collaborate.

Types of mandates offered and type of clients

Within the Sacrée Soirée brigade, the mandates offered to workers can be one-off, temporary or permanent.


Want to take on the occasional job and have total control over your schedule? One-off mandates might be right for you! You can sign up directly for opportunities that interest you using our online platform.


Ready to commit a little more time? Temporary mandates allow you to join our crew as a partner for a pre-determined amount of time. You will enter into a work contract with Sacrée Soirée.


Want to keep the adventure going? We can hire you as an employee with a permanent role at Sacrée Soirée, or as an employee of the company that has selected you to join their team.

Living environment mandates include all places where people live. Thus, the opportunities offered include residences for the elderly, health establishments and schools.

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