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What do we have to offer? Personalized guidance from recognized professionals and a host of dynamic opportunities to make your learning experience fun. You will also benefit from flexible hours and a positive work environment. Join a community of passionate professionals where you’ll feel right at home!


Learn new professional skills
Learn new professional skills
Choose your own contracts
Earn a great starting salary
Enjoy a wonderful down-to-earth experience
Work in renowned locations

And much more!​

No experience? No problem! You can work in hospitality and service without prior experience. Cocktail waiter, cloakroom attendant, dishwasher, kitchen assistant, host… Sacrée Soirée is all about potential, and we can facilitate your professional progress. Will you be our next superstar?

“Sacrée Soirée is a company with unparalleled professionalism. But what struck me the most was the closeness they have with employees. They know how to be attentive to their needs while guaranteeing quality service to their customers.”
Charly Franklin Eboua


No matter your level of experience, Sacrée Soirée has a spot for you. Want to dive headfirst into a new career? Looking to put in a few extra hours on top of your full-time job? Want to learn new skills and join forces with our company?

If you prefer to start your journey in a more stable environment while putting your human qualities, such as empathy and listening, to good use—our eSSentiel service will be the ideal choice for you.

We can help you find your next great challenge and give you the freedom to manage your own time. At Sacrée Soirée, your growth is our priority!


Sacrée Soirée gives you the chance to develop your skills in fast-paced environments and celebrated establishments.


Food Services

Sports Complexes

Living Environements

Caterers and Events

Conference Centers

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